Originally published at mikedawsoncomics.com

I’ve begun putting up pages from my new comic, Troop 142. Right now I’ve got the prologue chapter, SUNDAY, posted, and have started putting up pages from the first chapter, cleverly titled MONDAY. I’ve got more of this book done, but a lot of it’s in various states of completion. My plan is to post the material as it gets finished.

I believe I talked on an episode of the podcast about how this particular story has been a bit of a stop-and-start struggle for me. My thinking is that putting the material out there will help me get over some of my mental blocks. I really want to avoid getting into the habit of continually restarting, which is something that’s happened a few times already.

Plus, I’d like everyone to have a chance to check out all my pretty pictures! :)

I should also add, the content is sort-of, kind-of, “Mature audiences”. It’s not too bad, yet, but is definitely a little coarser than Freddie & Me.