Over the past few months, some listeners to The Ink Panthers show have started creating artwork inspired by the podcast. I feel very lucky to have listeners like this, who enjoy the show enough to spend some of their time creating pictures for us. Frankly, I’m humbled. Here’s some of the recent pics:

The Ink Panthers Show! by Tyler Price Whited.

“Gags and Tiger Bear”, by JK Woodward. James is a super-talented artist, who has actually created a number of sketches based on things we’ve talked about on the show. Check out his blog to see more. This pic was inspired by the recent episode with Liz Baillie.

Ben Granoff wrote this entire comic strip based off on a conversation between Alex and Tony Consiglio about some of their experiences as students at The School of Visual Arts.

And, finally, my good friend Gary put together this poster of Alex and I, in poses far more action-oriented than actually ever happens in our sedentary lifestyles.