We made it! Not counting two part episodes, special episodes, PRO T.I.P.S’s, and more, we’ve finally arrived at our milestone ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE.

The Ink Panthers Show has been weekly for over two years now, and boasts a guest list that includes such comics luminaries as Jim Rugg, Dustin Harbin, Julia Wertz, Domitille Collardey, Box Brown, Liz Baillie, Matt Kindt, Raina Telgemeier, Matt Fraction, Dylan Horrocks, Rob Ullman, Robin McConnell, Tim Kreider, Jon Kovalic, Sarah Glidden, John Kerschbaum, Josh Flanagan, Andy Runton, Jamie Tanner, Noah Van Sciver, Daniel Spottswood, Mike Lapinski, Frank Santoro, GB Tran, Gabby Schulz, Vanessa Davis, and MORE!!

Who will be our special guest for episode 100? Have a listen and find out… Plus: listener phonecalls, special announcements, food challenges, and the sort of regular everyday chit-chat you’ve come to expect. It’s all here!

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