Holy what now? The last show? Sadly, yes. We’ve decided to call it a day, and are joined by Tony Consiglio, The Desert Panther, one last time to discuss some very important things.

Why is the show ending, you ask? Fret not, it’s not a case of bad blood or some dispute. We just decided that this little thing here in Panther’s Lair had just run it’s course, and rather than let it continue to dribble and limp along, it felt better to end things cleanly and swiftly, as Alex says in the episode, like taking the show out back and shooting it in the head.

You can continue to follow the Panthers at their respective websites, here’s Alex’s and here’s Mike’s, and follow us on twitter too (Alex and Mike). Alex of course can still be heard on the podcast airwaves five days a week at Star Wars Minute. Mike is taking a break from podcasting for a little bit, but his new book, ANGIE BONGIOLATTI, will be published by Secret Acres on April 15th of this year. Look to snag an early copy at the MoCCA Festival, or at his Book Release Party, on March 28th at Bergen Street Comics. Again, follow the boys on twitter if you really want to be kept up to date with all the goings-ons.

So… that’s a wrap. Thankyou for listening all this time. It’s been an amazing experience!


Gags and Tiger-Bear.

Comments welcome!

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We have two illustrations of Inky the Domesticated Panther to close out the show. Thankyou to Adrienne Tilley and Howell Murray for these fantastic final creations!!