We are asking for feedback – help us choose a guest for next Thursday’s episode of The Ink Panthers Show!

Next week is T.I.P.S-bits week: Four episodes in four days. Theoretically the episodes will be a little shorter than usual (hence the catchy name), but who knows. We plan on having guests on each episode, and it’s possible (likely) we might yammer on overtime.

We have guests lined up for the first three episodes, but are asking for help choosing someone to come on the fourth. Here’s how to help:

Send an e-mail to inkpanthers@gmail.com, with your suggestion. We’ll tally the votes, and then see if we can get that person on. Feel free to ask us to bring back on past guests, or suggest someone new. You can also post your vote on our Facebook fan page, but we might weigh the gmail suggestions a little heavier.

The cut-off for this is next Monday night at 8PM – as we’ll need some time to contact that person and then setup the conversation.

Help us out!!

Mike & Alex