The Summer of 2015 is winding down, and The Panthers are all creeping off from the beaches, shaking the sand out of their fur, and gathering inside Panther’s Lair where it’s air-conditioned. Expect the usual “two (or three) guys bullshitting” humor you’ve come to love and miss, plus some Very Big Book Announcements.

Mike has a new book of comic essays entitled Rules For Dating My Daughter that he would love if you could help fund.


Alex’s new book from Top Shelf, Our Expanding Universe is due to drop in November!


And, The Desert Panther, Tony Consiglio, also has a brand new omnibus of all of his Double-Cross comics available somewhere on amazon, but not yet publicly. Look out for it, it’s called Tony Consiglio’s Double-Cross Collection, so you know what you’re getting!

See you in the Winter.

Comments welcome!

Classic Ink Panthers title card provided by Kathleen Gros

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