There’s lots and lots of business to discuss in this episode! Should we start offering sponsorships? Would random paid-advertisments in the middle of a Tony Consiglio yarn add or detract from the show? Does the podcast qualify in the Journalism category for the Harvey Awards? Should you vote for it? How many Harveys has Alex won, and where does he keep them? What do we think about the demise of Pizza Island? Will Alex interview Tony for a Pro-T.I.P.S? And many, many, more questions. Plus! Our first ever Movie Club Corner, where we break-down and dissect the film that defined Generation X, Reality Bites. Also, the first and probably last, “Kids Say The Darndest Things” segment.

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This week’s illustration of Inky the Domesticated Panther supplied by Jeff Manley! Submit your own illustration of Inky to

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