Alex and Mike are back in The Lair with a jam-packed episode! First, Mike’s Next Big Announcement Which Will Surely Have No Effect On The Regularity Of The Show (get read for lots of Ink Banthas episodes in November…), then Alex’s Man of The Week: a man who collects his own offspring like some people collect Vinyl LPs. A discussion about stress and decision-making, where unfortunately Mike implies that he’d always make the healthy eating choice. On the show he states he’d always choose the Fruit over the Candy, but he should have admitted in reality, he would choose a bowl of Heavy Cream over anything else. We all have our weaknesses. THEN! The topic of Mike applying to be a contestant on SURVIVOR is raised once again, but this time Alex has a better idea: The Panthers should apply to be on The Amazing Race. All one of them needs to do is learn how to drive a stick-shift, and the prize money is as good as theirs!

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This week’s illustration of Inky the Domesticated Panther supplied by Betsey Swardlick! Submit your own illustration of Inky to

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