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I know every week we promise a jam-packed show, but this week we really have got a show literally packed with jam. First, some follow-up on last week’s discussion with standup comedian Adam Conover, including the audio of him performing Mike’s soon-to-be-classic “The Thing’s Thing” joke. Then, like a bird-of-prey, Owly cartoonist Andy Runton, swoops back into The Panther’s Lair to talk craft and what’s meaningful to him as a creator. After that, Alex has some news about sandwiches, and Mike asks the tough-questions when it comes to picking out the perfect song to sing at a Karaoke outing. What song could he possibly choose that would make it tough to look him in the eye the next day? Find out here.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s the announcement of a new Live Ink Panthers Show, scheduled to take place at the MoCCA Arts Festival on April 10th. So, tune in to hear some early details about that.

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Ken Dahl, a.ka. Gabby Schulz, a.k.a Unknown Identity joins us in the lair for a discussion about radical Freeganism, and other hot-button topics. Monsters was one of the best books of 2009, and everyone is encouraged to go pick it up. Gabby’s other books? Not so much. Comments welcome!

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Also, program note: The Ink Panthers Show! will be on a short hiatus for the next three weeks. We’ll return to the Lair in the second week of February.