The Desert Panther, Tony Consiglio, creep back into The Lair for a spirited discussion upon a wide-variety of topics. First, some warm-up chatter about sitting on the can too long vs. joining the Mile-High Club (I’m kicking myself for not making a joke about the dangers of joining the “Club” and accidentally hitting the toilet flusher, so just imagine I said something along those lines). Then each Panther has a question related to a movie they recently watched: Back to the Future II, Hall Pass, and Animal House respectively. Then, to close things out, a discussion about sex-toys which makes me think about how sometimes I get all delusional thinking this podcast should be well-regarded and award-winning. It shouldn’t. We’re the Worst. We deserve Nothing!

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This week’s illustration of Inky the Domesticated Panther supplied by Caitlin Skaalrud! Submit your own illustration of Inky to

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