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I was happy to welcome TwoTime Ink Panthers Show guest Dustin Harbin into the Professional Panther’s Lounge for a chat about his comics career. Since getting to know Dustin, just a few short years ago, he’s made the transition from Comics-Dabbler, to Full-Time This-Is-How-I-Make-My-Living Cartoonist, and this was a nice opportunity to check in and see how that’s going. Spoiler Alert: Dustin reveals pretty early on that it’s not been great for the bank-balance, but towards the end of our chat he also reveals he’s been tapped to host the Ignatz Awards at this year’s SPX Festival, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Comments welcome!

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Ouch! The skin on my elbows is sore… I think I’ve been RUGG BURNED again!!

Yes, respected comics-craftsman and formalist, Jim Rugg, slinks into the Professional Panther Lounge for a sit-down chat all about his working process, all in this brand new episode of PRO-T.I.P.S! Comments welcome!

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