Tony Consiglio joins us for the final episode of The Ink Panthers Show, before we go on an extended hiatus on indeterminate length. It’s a slightly longer episode than normal, which is mainly because nobody wanted to end the call. It’s a bit of a bummer, yes, but I think it’s reasonable enough to assume we’ll be back on the podcasting air at some point in the future, simply because we love doing it so much.

Speaking of emotion, we discuss on the show our inability to express real human genuine feelings to one-another in conversation, so let me just take a moment to attempt it in print. This whole Ink Panthers thing has been nothing short of amazing. Not only has it been incredibly fun for Alex and I, but it’s honestly been wonderful getting to know so many people in and around the world of comics. We’re really lucky to be part of such a generous inclusive community, and we appreciate how many people have been listening to us over the years.

Also, we urge you to stay subscribed to the show, we may post specials and occasional one-off episodes at some point down the line, as we get the urge.


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